Minimum Quantity

        1.  Existing Sole Unit:
            - 1,500 - 2,000 PRS per Upper Design
            - 1,000 - 1,500 PRS per Color

        2.  New Sole Unit:
            - At our expense: Commitment more than total 50,000 PRS for 2 years.
            - Needs to be amortized: Under 30,000 PRS in total.


          Following items are now on production.


        1.  Skate Board Shoes:
                Skate board shoes are one of our specialties.  We are producing   various

                skate board  shoes for DC and Suppa and successfully   satisfying our

                customers requests.


Sample shoes







        2.  Soccer Shoes:
                We develope and produce soccer shoes.  Soccer shoes are one of our

                 most proud products whose quality has been proved by top-brand

                 customers.  We are producing soccer shoes for Pro-Specs which is the

                 representative sport-equipment company in Korea.



Sample shoes



        3.  Dance Sneaker:
                S.I. International also has good experiences in developing and producing

               Dance Sneaker which attract customers with their design and comfortable



Sample shoes



      4.  Fashion Shoes:
               Our company's development department has ability to create fashionable

               designs which meet the most delicate requests from the world-famous  

               fashion brands such as Givenchy.


Sample shoes



        5.  Sandals:
              Sandals are another popular products which customers feel satisfied

              with because of their design and good materials.


Sample shoes 1


Sample shoes 2



       6.  Injection Shoes


          We are the only company producing the best injection shoes which have both

            characteristics of rubber outsole and poly-urethan midsole.  Since we produce

            these shoes through the injection process which does apply any glue, we can

            produce clean-appearance shoes which do not any defects caused by the gluing

            process in manufacturing.